35 Best Keywords for Junk Removal Google Ads and SEO

When it comes to finding the best junk removal keywords, it’s all about tailoring them to your campaign. We’ve done the legwork for you, providing a list of the most practical keywords for junk removal SEO and Google Ads, all based on real data from our client campaigns.

Top 15 Best Keywords for Junk Removal Google Ads

Using data from spending over $1 million on junk removal Google Ad campaigns, here are the 15 best keywords based on volume, conversion rates, and average job size.

It is important to note that conversion rate largely depends on the quality of your landing page and the average job size will depend on your service area and pricing.

KeywordMatch TypeConversion RateAverage Job Size
junk removal services in my areaExact45%$365
junk removal + primary locationExact36.42%$365
furniture removal companyExact32.8%$250
junk removal near meExact29.14%$365
junk removalPhrase28.97%$365
junk removal servicePhrase26.52%$365
haul away servicePhrase27.63%$365
junk pick up near mePhrase26.01%$365
hot tub removalPhrase25%$495
spa removalPhrase23.89%$495
cleanout companies near meExact19.16%$695
junk hauling servicePhrase18.66%$365
junk pick upPhrase15.27%$365
junk collectionPhrase12.88%$365
carpet removalPhrase12.15%$650

Don’t Ignore Negative Keywords

To achieve the best conversion rates you must spend time reviewing the Search Terms report and build your negative keyword list, especially if you’re testing broad match bidding.

The Google Ads algorithm will go rogue if you let it.

Every successful campaign starts with a baseline negative keyword list. Here are our Top 5 negative keywords for Google Ads:

  1. Free
  2. Cheap
  3. Affordable
  4. Waste Management
  5. Trash

Add all of these as phrase match negative keywords.

We’ve been running junk removal Google Ad campaigns for years and have developed a complete list of over 600 negative keywords that we upload to every new campaign to reduce the cost-per-click, improve lead quality, and maximize conversion rates. Fill out the form below to grab a copy of our list.

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Top 20 Best Keywords for Junk Removal SEO

Identifying the best keywords for your junk removal SEO campaign will vary based on your service offerings. Start by building and prioritizing your keyword list

Begin with your core location. Let’s assume you’re in Raleigh, NC – here’s where to start:

1. Junk removal Raleigh NC
2. Furniture removal Raleigh NC
3. Appliance removal Raleigh NC
4. Cleanout services Raleigh NC
5. Hot tub removal Raleigh NC

I recommend using your homepage to target your most valuable keyword, in this case that is junk removal Raleigh NC.

Next, start targeting keywords in your service area. Here are the examples continuing with the Raleigh example:

6. junk removal chapel hill nc
7. junk removal knightdale nc
8. junk removal angier nc
9. junk removal arrowood nc
10. junk removal chastain nc

If you’re using a keyword research tool, ignore the search volume. These pages may only generate 2 or 3 leads a month, but that adds up overtime. These are also less competitive than your core location, where you compete against major players like 1-800 Got Junk, Junk Kings, and other franchises or multi-location competitors.

Now, expand your secondary location keyword following this model:

11. Furniture removal chapel hill nc
12. Appliance removal chapel hill nc
13. Cleanout services chapel hill nc
14. Hot tub removal chapel hill nc
15. Furniture removal knightdale nc
16. Appliance removal knightdale nc
17. Cleanout services knightdale nc
18. Hot tub removal knightdale nc
19. Furniture removal angier nc
20. Appliance removal angier nc

We have found that you will get the results by clustering these by location and completing a location before moving on to the next.

Bonus: Use Blogs to Build Topical Relevance

Google’s algorithm wants you to provide a mix of transactional and informational content. Here are 3 bonus blog topics you can write about:

1. Complete Furniture Removal Guide for Raleigh NC
2. How Much Does Junk Removal Cost in Raleigh NC
3. Best Ways to Dispose of Mattress in Raleigh NC

Notice that all of these still have local relevance to the primary location. Generating traffic from the entire U.S. won’t help grow your business. Local SEO for junk removal must focus on generating high-quality organic search traffic … quality over quantity.

Ready To Jump Start Your Junk Removal Keyword Visibility?

At Junk Removal Marketing, we have perfected keyword targeting for Junk Removal Google Ads and Junk Removal SEO. Let us help you get more leads for your business by setting up a free discovery call today!